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Joint UrbanFlood & SSG4Env Workshop 2010

Thursday 11 & Friday 12 November 2010 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Against a backdrop of storm and rain a truly international group of experts gathered in Amsterdam to look at the future of flood safety: modern sensor techniques, models, real-time monitoring and the Internet. Four themes were discussed: Sensing, ICT, Modelling en Application & Implementation.

For each of the themes several thought-provoking presentations were given. The Dutch LiveDijk and Geobeads were presented, but also examples and experiences from the USA, the UK, France, Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. The (concept) Early Warning System of UrbanFlood was demonstrated to a very interested public.

The presentations are available on video, see below.

Available workshop documents: programme (pdf); detailed programme and abstracts (pdf) and list of participants (pdf).

Workshop Presentations

Follow this link to see the video presentations of the UrbanFlood Workshop2010

1    Welcome & goals for the workshop - video / pdf
Nico Pals, TNO ICT, Project Manager UrbanFlood, NL

2a  About UrbanFlood - video / pdf
Robert Meijer, TNO ICT, Coordinator UrbanFlood, NL

2b  About SSG4Env - videopdf
      Craig Hutton, GeoData Institute, University of Southampton, UK 


3    Development of a Multiscale Monitoring and Health Assessment Framework for Effective Management of Flood-Control Levee Infrastructure - video / pdf
Mourad Zeghal and Tarek Abdoun, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

4    Early Detection of Dams and Dikes Anomalies with a Fibre-Optics Based Monitoring Solution - video / pdf
Olivier Artières, TenCate Geosynthetics, and Patrick Pinettes, geophyConsult, France

5    GeoBeads, multi-parameter sensor network for levee monitoring - video / pdf
Erik Peters, Alert Solutions, NL


6    Sensor networks and the semantic web - video / pdf
Kirk Martinez, University of Southampton's Electronics and computer sciences department, UK

7    Common Information Space, a framework for creating and hosting Early Warning System - video / pdf
Bartosz Balis, PhD, Cyfronet AGH, Poland

8    Machine Learning Methods for Environmental Monitoring and Flood Protection - video / pdf
Alexander Pyayt and Artem Ozhigin, OOO Siemens, Russia

9     The Strength of Solid Data - video / pdf
ir. M.T. van der Meer, Fugro Water Services, NL


10  Coastal Flood Modelling - video / pdf
Robin Newman Emu Ltd, UK

11  The UrbanFlood multiscale modelling cascade and Virtual Dike for simulation of dike stability under dynamic hydraulic loading - video / pdf
Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya and Natalia Melnikova, University of Amsterdam/StPSPU, NL/Russia

12  Use of artificial intelligence methods in complex flood defence reliability analysis - video / pdf
Ben Gouldby, HR Wallingford, UK


13   Empowering Stakeholders in Flood Management and Response - video / pdf
Professor Mike Clark, director of the GeoData Institute, University of Southampton, UK

14   Improvement of the inspection of dikes by GMS in the Czech Republic - video / pdf
Vojtech Benes and Zuzana Boukalova, Czech Republic

15   LiveDijk Eemshaven: the first sensor network in a sea dike - video / pdf

Sander Bakkenist , BZ Innovation Management BV and Christiaan Jacobs, Water Board Noorderzijlvest, NL

16   Monitoring of embankments in the UK - video / pdf

Jonathan Simm, HR Wallingford, UK


17   Discussion: Towards European Cooperation on Flood Protection

18   Closing remarks
Robert Meijer, TNO ICT, Coordinator UrbanFlood, NL

                                                                                                                                                   Nico Pals (Day Chairman)