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Partners Interview  

In the Spotlight: Ilya Mokhov

June 2011


 In this photo: Ilya Mokhov, OOO Siemens 

Ilya Mokhov, Senior Engineer "Monitoring and Preventive Control" and WP leader of Work Package 6, has worked miracles in organising a very informative tour to the Saint Petersburg barrier during the UrbanFlood Consortium Meeting last May. The preparations made by him and the Siemens team saved the UrbanFlood partners a huge detour, by arranging official permission to drive the bus through the tunnel under the ship passage, even though work was still ongoing and the tunnel was officially closed for traffic! This also made it possible to visit the Peter the Great Cottage at the Peterhof, a true cultural and historical gem. Three cheers for Ilya and Siemens for arranging a very well-organised and successful Consortium Meeting in Saint Petersburg!

Saint Petersburg shipping gate flood barrier, source: Bob Pengel


Contributions - expectations of UrbanFlood partners

May 2010


Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya, working for University of Amsterdam (and part-time with the University of St. Petersburg in Russia)

Expectations: we are going to advance the science in simulation and modeling of the complex phenomena physics in earthen dikes to protect cities; to suggest better ways to build flood defense systems.


Contribution: The UvA (University of Amsterdam) will develop some models, some simulation tools to assist in decision making for the advanced decision support systems based on the TNO multi touch tables. Of course we’ll want to make it really accessible, interactive and intuitive for the public. And we also contribute to the advanced scientific, interactive visualization which is important to actually show the results, to show the output of the decisions support systems.


from left to right: Robert Belleman, Erik Langius, Robert Meijer and Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya


from left to right: Ilya Mokhov, Artem Ozhigin, Jeroen Broekhuijsen, Nico Pals and Ludolph Wentholt

Artem Ozhigin, working for Siemens in Russia

Artem Ozhigin works for Siemens Corporate Technology in St.-Petersburg. Artem: “Our group within Corporate Technology is primarily focused on dependable and highly-critical systems. I consider our competence as useful in the development of a universal and flexible model for components of the UrbanFlood early warning system. The challenge is to find a balance of sometimes contradictory requirements. As a result we expect to have specifications which allows for easy deployment and customization of components to their application in any kind of EWS anticipated in the project.”

Marian Bubak, working for Cyfronet in Poland

Contribution: I work in Krakow on distributed systems and the development of collaborating environments. So our participation in this project is the continuation of our scientific interest and challenges. What we would like to do (within UrbanFlood) is to develop a system which will be operating real time (to some extent). Because it will be necessary to process the data from sensors in real time, we would like to extend our interest towards complex event processing and some of the applications which will contribute to the EWS. Lateral computations and the flow of decisions and data is also complex so we would like to use technologies which are now available for up scaling of processes.

Finally I expect we would develop something which can be the start system (of UrbanFlood) enabling plug-in of different applications and be able to multiply it for many dikes. It can be scalable; you can form something that can serve on a small scale, can serve on a regional scale or larger.