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TNO Information and Communication Technology is a unique centre of innovation in the Netherlands that brings together the IT and Telecom disciplines of TNO. The participating departments have years of experience in the research and development of online service platforms, data centres and sensor networks applications. TNO is a founding member of the IJkdijk field lab that develops sensor networks for dike failures.



PO Box 1416

9701 BK Groningen

The Netherlands

Contact Rob Meijer


HR Wallingford

HRW has a 60 year track record of achievement in applied research and specialist consultancy, working with the water environment. The company has a unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities including state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of computational modelling tools and, above all expert staff with world-renowned skills and experience.

HR Wallingford Ltd.

Howbery Park

OX 10 8BA Wallingford, Oxon

United Kingdom

Contact Jonathan Simm


University of Amsterdam

The Section Computational Science at the University of Amsterdam aims to be a worldwide key player in the school of thought on computational science in research and education. The section seeks to discover, through modelling and simulating, the way distributed information is being processed in complex information systems. The group focuses on cellular automata models. It addresses issues of how physical and biological problems can be formulated in this framework and how they can be mapped onto distributed computer architectures and grid systems.


UvA Computational Science

Science Park 107

1098 SJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Contact Adam Belloum





STOWA (Dutch acronym for the Foundation for Applied Water Research) is a foundation that coordinates research for Dutch water authorities consisting of 26 water boards, all Dutch provinces and the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. These authorities are responsible for ground and surface water management in rural and urban areas, as well as for domestic wastewater purification installations and dike and dam inspection. The water authorities avail themselves of STOWA’s facilities for the realisation of all kinds of applied technological, scientific, administrative-legal and social scientific research activities that may be of communal importance.


PO Box 8090

3503 RB Utrecht

The Netherlands

Contact Ludolph Wentholt




ACC Cyfronet AGH is one of the leading academic computer research institutions in Poland. The research unit of the Centre, together with Institute of Computer Science AGH, devotes its efforts to scalable distributed systems, cross-domain computations in loosely coupled environments, knowledge management and support for life sciences.


PO Box 386

30950 Krakow 61


Contact Marian Bubak



OOO Siemens

OOO Siemens is the Russian subsidiary of Siemens AG, a well-known German company. Its research centre in St. Petersburg focuses on topics related to the region and collaboration with local research institutes. The centre is the first research location within Siemens regarding the combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, remote condition monitoring technologies, embedded systems software and infrastructure monitoring.

OOO Siemens

Volynskiy Lane 3a

191186 Saint-Petersburg


Contact Ilya Mokhov

Website OOO Siemens Saint-Petersburg