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UrbanFlood Newsletter 5 - July 2012

In this edition:

3rd and final UrbanFlood Workshop

Consortium meeting

Stakeholder feedback requested

UrbanFlood demonstration at The Chrystal

Flood defence technology tested in Lincolnshire

Boston Visitor Centre

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UrbanFlood Newsletter


July 2012


UrbanFlood is a project under the European Union 7th framework Programme* that develops and tests an internet based early warning system (EWS). The project started in December 2009 and will run until November 30th 2012, so we are in the last six months of the project.

Project coordinator Robert Meijer: “The European Commission wants to spread technologies that help citizens in urban areas to deal with the effects of climate change. Based on all kinds of sensor inputs, expert opinions and scientific models the system decides on the threat level and suggests a response.”

“The system is general purpose; UrbanFlood tests the system for the case of flooding caused by dike or flood barrier failure. The idea is that the responsible organisations put sensor networks in dikes, connect the network to the internet and UrbanFlood will generate a dedicated EWS for them on the internet that is able to warn where the dike may breach and show what the consequences may be!” While the system is designed as a flood early warning tool it can also be used as a flood defence (asset) management tool.

The project is carried out by a consortium of Cyfronet (Poland), HR Wallingford (United Kingdom), OOO Siemens (Russia), STOWA, TNO and University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

This newsletter informs about the progress and impact of the UrbanFlood project.




3rd and final UrbanFlood Workshop

Thursday 22 November 2012 – Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The UrbanFlood final conference will be held during the 2nd European Conference on Flood Risk Management, FLOODrisk2012.

This conference will be held at the World Trade Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 20-22 November 2012.

For the first 50 guests that register for the UrbanFlood workshop day admission passes are available at reduced rates. These passes gives admission to the UrbanFlood session but also to the full FLOODrisk2012 conference for Thursday November 22 ... Follow this link for registration



Consortium meeting

30 – 31 May 2012 - Krakow, Poland

The last UrbanFlood Consortium meeting was in Krakow, Poland. We had an excellent meeting, progress was up to expectations. Two Advisory Board members joined most of the meetings which enabled them to give their views and reflections.




Stakeholder feedback requested

Following the suggestion of the Review Committee we would like to invite interested stakeholders to download two important UrbanFlood reports: D2.1 Early Warning Systems and the Mitigation of Climate Change Induced Disasters (Stakeholder Requirements) and D2.2 Functionality & Architecture of Internet Based EWS and EWS Hosting Platforms. These reports were published in 2010. The UrbanFlood community is very interested in your comments and views, and suggestions for updates and improvements. Please send your suggestions to Bob Pengel, the WP2 task leader.




UrbanFlood demonstration at The Crystal

Summer 2012 – London, UK

The Crystal in London is for everyone who cares about creating a better future for our cities. Visitors to the Crystal can explore an interactive exhibition about trends affecting cities, and ways to make them more sustainable and better places to live. Of course a demonstration of UrbanFlood is part of this very interesting and important exhibition.

Follow this link to view the UrbanFlood demonstration (new version on July 14, 2012).

Opening in the summer of 2012 in London’s Green Enterprise District, the Crystal is London’s newest landmark and visitor experience. An iconic green building, with a comprehensive visitor centre and state-of-the-art conference facilities, it also aims to promote independent dialogue and collaboration on sustainable cities.




Flood defence technology tested in Lincolnshire

18 May, 2012 – BBC News Lincolnshire, UK

From the BBC interview: “New technology which can detect possible failures in flood defence embankments is being tested in Lincolnshire. Sensors have been installed in the bank of the River Haven, in Boston, to detect changes below ground such as temperature, moisture and movement. The data is sent to a control room via the internet, so that any changes in the flood defences can be investigated. The project (UrbanFlood) is being funded by the European Commission”.

Follow this link to the BBC article




Boston Visitor Centre

26 April, 2012 – Boston, UK

The Boston Visitor centre is receiving positive feedback on the installation of the multi-touch screen. Visitors to the centre have been using the multi touch screen to learn more about the flood defences where they live. A feedback book is located next to the multi touch screen and we are actively encouraging members of the public to comment in the book.

Comments from the public include:


“Very interesting, really amazing what can be done these days”

“I have learnt something new today about where I live, it is reassuring to know we are in ‘safe’ hands when it comes to flooding problems”

“It’s exciting to see in Boston”





3rd and final UrbanFlood International Workshop

as part of the 2nd European Conference on Flood Risk Management

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

‘Research into Practice’ more




UrbanFlood Newsletter

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UrbanFlood is a European project under the EU 7th framework Programme*. For more details please visit the UrbanFlood website www.urbanflood.euor contact the project coordinator: (+31(0)88 86 65753).











* UrbanFlood, a project funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme, Theme ICT-2009.6.4a. ICT for Environmental Services and Climate Change Adaption. Grant agreement no. 248767. Project from December 1, 2009 until November 30, 2012


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