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UrbanFlood Newsletter 6

December 2012


In this edition:

  3rd and final UrbanFlood Workshop

  UrbanFlood exhibition and demonstration at FLOODrisk2012

  UrbanFlood ‘The Story

  Water Innovation Award 2012

  The Soft Dike Software - Using Sensors and Software Against the Flood 

  Final IJkdijk experiment and a new LiveDijk-project

  Life after UrbanFlood

UrbanFlood Newsletter 5

July 2012

● 3rd and final UrbanFlood Workshop

● Consortium meeting

● Stakeholder feedback requested

● UrbanFlood demonstration at The Chrystal

● Flood defence technology tested in Lincolnshire

● Boston Visitor Centre

Newsletter 5, July 2012


UrbanFlood Newsletter 4

27 January 2012

● 2nd UrbanFlood Workshop 2011
● Boston UrbanFlood Multi-Touch Demo
● Water Boards and UrbanFlood on Dutch television
● Groningen threatened by flooding
● UrbanFlood at the ICFM5 in Tokyo
● Events

Newsletter 4, January 2012

UrbanFlood Newsletter 3

29 June 2011

2nd UrbanFlood Workshop

UrbanFlood on BBC World News!

New ’smart dike’ on-line in Boston, England

Sites around the world monitored by UrbanFlood

UrbanFlood ‘dashboard’

Saint Petersburg Consortium Meeting

Non-flood Early Warning Systems

In the Spotlight: Ilya Mokhov


UrbanFlood Newsletter 2

16 December 2010

Collaboration with SSG4Env

Joint UrbanFlood & SSG4Env Workshop

Interactive flood simulation and visualisation on a multitouch table

UrbanFlood results

Report: The design and prototyping of a decision support system for flood control

First UrbanFlood Advisory Board Meeting

Test locations for ‘smart dikes’: Amsterdam

‘Smart dikes’ in the UK and Saint Petersburg, Russia

Invitation to dike managers

Mike Clark and his thoughts on cooperation

● Events

UrbanFlood Newsletter 1

26 July 2010

● Kick-off meeting a success

● Website ready

● UrbanFlood reports

● UrbanFlood project up and running

● First International Dike Monitoring and Flood Safety Workshop

● Test locations for ‘smart dikes’

● In the Spotlight: Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya

● Events


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