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Media Publications

Before the levee breaks – intelligent monitoring for flood embankments

4 November 2011


UrbanFlood article in Aquatech Daily News, download PDF article.

UrbanFlood gets touchy as flooding threats rise

26 September 2011


An article on Daily DOOH blog by Geny Caloisi (European Editor), follow this link to the article.

UrbanFlood on BBC World News

28 May 2011

Rising sea levels mean more and more of the world is at risk of flooding. In this episode we look at the next generation of flood defences and how Dutch expertise and technology can help other areas around the world.

Saturday 28 May 2011 at BBC World News, program Horizon at 01.30 AM and 5.30 PM (Dutch time)

The Siemens-System warnt vor Hochwasser

12 May 2011


An internet article about UrbanFlood on Silicon-Technology Hardware. Follow this link (German)

Selbstüberwachende Deiche “UrbanFlood”

18 March 2011


In the German Journal “Homeland Security” number 1-2011 a German article was published with the title: Self monitoring dikes “UrbanFlood”. See:

UrbanFlood: press publications

25 January 2011


Recently a flurry of publications followed the article about UrbanFlood in Siemens research magazine "Pictures of Futures" in Fall 2010 combined with Siemens press release in English, German, Dutch (maybe more languages?) referring to this article.

Reason for recent interest and latest publications is the water level high in Germany (and Holland). Considering requests for more detailed information Siemens expects further publications.


Publication in magazine ‘De Ingenieur’  nr. 2/2011 “Sensoren: slim system om dijken te monitoren” (Sensors: smart system to monitor dikes). Download PDF article (Dutch)


Please find below selected press publications

Bulwarks with Brains: automatic alarms’


1)   Research in Germany. Follow this link (English/German)


2a) Innovations Report: Bulwarks with Brains: Automatic Alarms. Follow this link (English)

2b) Innovations Report: Intelligente Deiche schlagen von selbst Alarm. Follow this link (German)


… more Press Publication, download PDF

Monitoring technologies for flood protection

15 October 2010


An article about the UrbanFlood project in a Russian Finance Magazine.

See the Russian articleТехнологии мониторинга для защиты от наводнений (Monitoring technologies for flood protection)

Or download here the translated English version.

Emerging Markets on the Move

28 October 2010


An article about UrbanFlood in the latest release of the Siemens journal "Pictures of the Future" The Magazine for Research and innovation, Fall 2010.

Download the English article:Emerging Markets on the Move

Download the German article: Schwellenlaender auf dem Sprung

WaterForum Week News (nr 454)

13 October 2010

Source Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch Newspaper)

A news article (Dutch) about the placed Geobeads in Stammerdijk.
See also a newsarticle on this website: 'Waternet first with new method for regular dike monitoring', 14 September 2010.

WaterForum Week News (nr 454)

16 June 2010


A short article about UrbanFlood, download pdf from website WaterForum (Dutch)

Photo: Krakow, source: Michał Ostałowski

Photo: Kraków, Wisła, source: Andrzej Banaś                  

Flood Waters Receding

24 May 2010


The flooding that began last weekend has now mostly subsided, but parts of the country are still under water. As the rains left Krakow on Friday they moved on to Warsaw, where the flooded Wisła River burst its banks in a nonresidential area of the city, though luckily the damage was minimal and no lives were at risk. However, 12 people throughout Poland lost their lives due to the high water over the week.

Floods continue in southern Poland

20 May 2010

Source PAP/tvn24/UWMalopolski


Thousands have been evacuated from homes throughout southern Poland as continuing rain and large-scale flooding have caused havoc, and even death in some cases.


150 schools have closed due the floods, and many roads and railway lines are under water. Electricity has been cut in several areas, including parts of Krakow and surrounding towns, including Skawina. In Bochnia, 30 km east of Krakow, drinking water is being relayed to stranded residents by special cisterns, as flood water has contaminated pipe mains there.


Rainfall is higher than it was in 1997, when there was widescale flooding in southern Poland as well as throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to Miller, the situation in Krakow is “similar to that of 1997.”


Heavy rain over the weekend led many rivers to rise above warning levels. On Sunday night, Krakow mayor Jacek Majchrowski announced a state of emergency when the River Vistula was 74 cm over the warning mark in Poland’s southern city. On Tuesday morning, that level had risen to over 300 cm, with many roads and underpasses closed and river water almost reaching bridge levels. On Tuesday morning, a decision was taken to close one of the main bridges crossing the Vistula in Krakow.


Five people have died so far from the flooding. Two people died in Malopolska province, and one fireman suffered a heart attack during a rescue mission in neighbouring Silesia. The latest victim of the “great water” is an 8 year old boy who fell into a river in Krakow.

Inspectie Waterkeringen News 

May 2010


A short article about UrbanFlood. See this Newsletter (Dutch), or download the UrbanFlood article via (Dutch)

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