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Deltafact on sensors in dikes updated

2 July 2012

Follow this link (Dutch) for more information.

Practice research ‘Dijken op Veen’ (peat dikes) starts soon


In 2011 the practical test and study ‘Dijken op Veen’ (peat dikes) will start, a collaboration between the Hoogheemraadschap (water board) Hollandsch Noorderkwartier and Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastucture and the Environment). With this research, we can increase our knowledge about the strength of embankments on peat. … more (Dutch)


The main objective of this project is to specify, design, implement, evaluate and deploy a service-oriented architecture and middleware which allows application developers to build open large-scale semantic-based sensor network grids for environmental management. …more information about SemSorGrid4Env

Source:, Rijkswaterstaat (National Public Authority)

Foundation IJkdijk


The IJkdijk foundation operates a facility in the Netherlands to test dikes and to develop sensor network technologies.


In October 2009 the IJkdijk foundation studied the failure of a 100 meter long test embankment in the macro stability experiment.

See a video of the experiment on Youtube.


More information about the IJkdijk foundation on Wikipedia.


LiveDijk Eemshaven


The visual inspection of dikes, embankments, other sea defense structures and dunes remains a crucial aspect in maintaining the structural integrity of these objects.

Knowledge of and experience with the long-term application of sensor-inspection techniques is gained with the pilot LiveDijk-Eemshaven.

In the first phase the sensor based systems for dike monitoring are installed (Dutch). In the second phase the dike is monitored and data are stored.


Organisation structure LiveDijk-Eemshaven (Dutch)


Flood Control 2015


The project Flood Control 2015 integrates aspects of advanced forecasting- and decision-support systems: the dike, the decision-maker and their environment.



Common Information Space

The Common Information Space (CIS), developed by Cyfronet AGH Dice team is a service-oriented software framework  facilitating development, deployment and reliable operation of complex  systems which rely on scientific computations. … more