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Early Warning Systems and the Mitigation of Climate Change Induced Disasters

- Work Package 2 – D2.1 - UrbanFlood report UFD21v1.o.sto

This report presents the results of Task 2.2 of the UrbanFlood Project and describes the stakeholder analysis. It lists the stakeholder demands and requirements for online Early Warning Systems and smart dikes.

May 2010


Functionality & Architecture of Internet Based EWS and EWS Hosting Platforms

– Work Package 2 – D2.2 – UrbanFlood report UFD2.2v7TNO

This deliverable (2.2) of the FP7 UrbanFlood project describes from a stakeholder (user) point of view, the architecture and functionality of the UrbanFlood Early Warning System (EWS). A questionnaire (described in deliverable 2.1) distributed amongst professionals working in the area of flood safety was one of the inputs of this deliverable. Another source were the EWS specifications of the domain experts of the UrbanFlood project.

May 2010


  Guidelines for the Evaluation of UrbanFlood

 – Work Package 2 – D2.3 – UrbanFlood report UFD2.3v2.2TNO

UrbanFlood is an EU funded (FP7 call 6.4a) project that creates a general purpose early warning system and validates this for flooding disasters in urban environments. The Deliverable 2.3 “Guidelines for the evaluation of UrbanFlood” contains an elaborate description of the state of the art, in 2009, of early warning systems (EWS) technologies, the guideline for the evaluation and relevant material from the UrbanFlood Description of Work (DOW).

May 2012 revised version 2.2


Experiences with online dike monitoring systems

– Work Package 3 – D3.3 – UrbanFlood report UFD3.3v1.OHRW

This report looks at the experiences and lessons learned with online dike monitorinsystems, during the installation, maintenance and overall usability of the sensors; threactions from the members of the public at the visitor centres and reactions from thprofessionals in asset management and flood warning and incident management in the Local Authorities, Environment Agency, Utility companies in and around England and Wales.

November 2012


The design and prototyping of a decision support system for flood control

– Work Package 4 – D4.1 – UrbanFlood report UFD4.1UVA

This report describes a prototype of the Decision Support System (DSS) developed in the first year of the Project. It details the UrbanFlood DSS architecture and the workflow that connects an interactive userfriendly interface with sensor data streams and with a cascade of models developed for scenariobased predictions of dike failure, breaching and inundation.

June 2011

revised version 2.5


An Internet Based Decision Support System for Flood Control

 – Work Package 4 – D4.2 – UrbanFlood report UFD4.2UVA

This report describes an internet-based Decision Support System (DSS) that has been developed by Work Package 4 in close collaboration with the Work Packages WP5 and WP6.  

March 2012


Experiences with an Online Decision Support System for Flood Control

– Work Package 4 – 4.3 – UrbanFlood report UFD 4.3UVA

This deliverable (D4.3) of the FP7 UrbanFlood project describes the experiences with an online Decision Support System (DSS) that has been developed by Work Package 4. User experiences with the system during the workshops and conferences, and customer feedback in Visitor Centres and in UK road show are reported in [D3.3, D7.9].

November 2012


Common Information Spaces 

– Work Package 5 – D5.1 – UrbanFlood report UFD5.1CYF

Description of state of the art and future developments

July 2010


Specification of the architecture and interfaces of the Common Information Space

– Work Package 5 – D5.2 – UrbanFlood report UFD5.2CYF

This memo presents the design of the UrbanFlood Common Information Space (CIS), a framework for creating and hosting Early Warning Systems for environmental threats.

August 2010


Orchestrating the information flow in a Common Information Space

– Work Package 5 – D5.3 – UrbanFlood report UFD5.3v1.0.CYF

Prototype description.

November 2010


Orchestrating (super)computing resources of the Common information space

– Work Package 5 – D5.4 – UrbanFlood report UFD5.4.CYF

April 2012

revised version 2.0


Basic Remote Dike Monitor

– Work Package 6 – D6.1 – UrbanFlood report UFD6.1v1.0. TNO

Short description of Basic Remote Dike Monitor

June 2010


Plug-in Technology for EWS Components

– Work Package 6 – D6.3 – UrbanFlood report UFD6.3v0.3SIE

This report describes the design of UrbanFlood EWS hosting platform and plugin technology for UrbanFlood EWS components.

November 2010


Monitoring, rich browsers and cloud service technologies for an online EWS hosting platform

– Work Package 6 – D6.4 – UrbanFlood report UFD6.4v1.0.SIE

This document describes technologies which form the base for the UrbanFlood online hosting platform: virtualization and cloud computing.

November 2010


Running multiple EWS on distributed clouds

– Work Package 6 – D6.5 – UrbanFlood report UFD6.5.SIE

This document describes current progress of UrbanFlood distributed cloud platform development and especially features which allow for running multiple EWS simultaneously. Basic overview of cloud computing approaches are given, UrbanFlood platform design introduced. Main principles of EWS design, deployment and execution in the cloud are described and currently running EWS listed.

November 2011


Internet services for EWS

– Work Package 6 – D6.6 – UrbanFlood report UFD6.6v1.1.SIE 


November 2012


UrbanFlood Website – Work Package 7

– D7.2 – UrbanFlood report UFD7.2 v1.0.STOWA

Memo on the delivery of the first version of the UrbanFlood Website

March 2010


Acceptance of Internet Services to Combat Climate Change Induced Disasters

– Work Package 7 – D7.4 – UrbanFlood report UFD7.4v1.0.STO

Workshop statement

November 2010


Proceedings of the First International Online Early Warning System Workshop

– Work Package 7 – D7.5 – UrbanFlood Workshop 2010

First UrbanFlood workshop

November 2010


Video “Internet services to combat climate change induced disasters”

– Work Package 7 – D7.6 – UrbanFlood report UFD7.6.STO

UrbanFlood video

November 2011


Deploying Internet services to combat climate change induced disasters

– Work Package 7 – D7.7 – UrbanFlood report UFD7.7.STO

The deliverable, “Deployment of Internet Services to Combat Climate Change Induced Disasters”, summarizes UrbanFlood’s contribution to the uptake of monitoring technologies in flood defences.

November 2011


Proceedings of the Second International Online Early Warning System Workshop

– Work Package 7 – D7.8 – UrbanFlood report UFD7.8v1.0.STO 

Second UrbanFlood workshop, see also the UrbanFlood website UrbanFlood Workshop 2011

November 2011


The impact of UrbanFlood on combating climate change induced disasters

– Work Package 7 – D7.9 – UrbanFlood report UFD7.9v1.0.TNO and ‘The Story’

This report is the internal evaluation of the UrbanFlood project. It is based on the input of the partners, the advisory board, external experts and the general public. The groundwork for this evaluation is Deliverable 2.3 “Criteria for the evaluation of UrbanFlood”. In this deliverable the actual results are compared with the criteria and evaluated. The overall score is 4,6 on a five point scale, while the minimum score for success was set at 3,0.

November 2012


Proceedings of the Third International Online Early Warning System Workshop

– Work Package 7 – D7.10 – UrbanFlood UFD7.10v1.0.STO 

Third - Final UrbanFlood workshop see also the UrbanFlood website Workshop 2012

November 2012

Dam Kronshtadt in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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