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Introduction UrbanFlood

UrbanFlood is a European project* investigating the use of sensors within flood embankments to support an online early warning system, real time emergency management and routine asset management. Application of the concepts to support routine asset management, which includes the regular inspection of dikes, will also be considered. Safer dikes are not only stronger but also smarter dikes.

Visualisation 3D Science Park Amsterdam   


Early Warning System Framework for European Cities


More than two thirds of European cities have to deal with flood risk management issues on a regular basis; these are issues which will worsen as climate change effects result in more extreme conditions. Early Warning Systems (EWS) can play a crucial role in mitigating flood risk by detecting conditions and predicting the onset of a catastrophe before the event occurs, and by providing real time information during an event. EWSs thus fulfil multiple roles as general information systems, decision support systems and alarm systems for multiple stakeholders including government, companies and the general public... more about UrbanFlood



* UrbanFlood is a project supported by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme, Theme ICT-2009.6.4a.  ICT for Environmental Services and Climate Change Adaption. Grant agreement no. 248767.

Project from December 1, 2009 until November 30, 2012.

The IJssel, source: Geert Veldstra


UrbanFlood Newsletter 6

December 2012

Follow this link to the Newsletter

The UrbanFlood project was completed

by 30 November 2012


for your convenience this website will stay online until December 2015

New on this website

Results from the Sensor Validation Tests at the IJkdijk

30 August 2013

Do you faintly remember we organized a prediction competition last year for the IJkdijk tests, together with an AmericanUniversity? In the end one submission for the South dike (stability failure) was the best: the one by Natalia Melnikova and Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya (UrbanFlood/UvA)!

European Commission review UrbanFlood

28 January 2013


On Friday January 25th UrbanFlood was reviewed for the last time by external reviewers from the European Commission and the result was "Excellent"!!! 

Of course we are very happy with this acknowledgement of the quality and impact of the results we reached in the past three years. The UrbanFlood will be kept operational during the coming year(s) so if you are interested in monitoring infrastructures or other object please contact us.

Demonstration Video UrbanFlood

9 January 2013


Demonstration Video of the UrbanFlood Early Warning System with features of the Multi-Touch table interface developed in this EU funded UrbanFlood project. See the video.

Life after UrbanFlood

30 November 2012


On 30 November UrbanFlood ended its project activities. The consortium is proud on its achievements and the consortium members look back on a period of hard and extremely innovative work in a pleasant atmosphere. ... more

UrbanFlood ‘The Story’

28 November 2012


‘The Story’ (deliverable D7.9) is a brochure which will quickly give you an idea of the UrbanFlood Early Warning System, and some background on the project itself. Download the PDF

UrbanFlood in the news

28 November 2012


The UrbanFlood project manager, Nico Pals (TNO), is interviewed for a series called: ‘The Netherlands in seven floods’ for the NTR. ... more

Water Innovation Award 2012

28 November 2012


On Wednesday 28 November the Water Innovation Award 2012 is awarded in four categories in ‘De Rode Hoed’ Amsterdam. In the category Companies wins DMC System from Friesland, an advanced sensor technology for dike monitoring. … more (Dutch)

Photo UrbanFlood Exhibition

3rd and final UrbanFlood Workshop

Thursday 22 November 2012 – Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The final UrbanFlood workshop was held as a part of the FLOODrisk2012 Conference. The session started early on a rainy Thursday morning in Rotterdam; nevertheless we welcomed 48 participants of 13 different nationalities. On the UrbanFlood website you will find the presented papers and video presentation of this very interesting and lively session, including the UrbanFlood video and the discussion at the end of the workshop.  more


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